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Freelance Web Designer

Metropolis Moving

November 2017

is a New York City-based moving business. They hired me to oversee the full branding, design, SEO, and WordPress + web development for their new business. View project

Nonprofit Finance Fund

March 2017

is an NYC based nonprofit 501(c)(3) and a Community Development Financial Institution. I was the lead front-end developer for their 2017 redesign. View project

Worn & Wound

April 2016

is based in nyc, and is one of the internet’s leading watch blogs. They hired me to re-design their existing site and build a new SEO-optimized responsive WordPress theme. View project

William T. Grant Foundation

February 2016

is an NYC-based social science research foundation. They hired me to convert their website into a scalable, responsive SEO-optimized WordPress theme. View project

Scope Architecture

February 2017

is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This responsive WordPress theme was designed by New York designer Phil DiBello, and developed as part of a comprehensive rebranding project. View project

Rory Macdonald

January 2017

is a London born, New York based Pastry Chef who has worked around the world. In collaboration with New York based designer, Phil DiBello, I developed this custom responsive WordPress theme. View project

January 2015

is an NYC-based home and bath goods company. They hired me as the lead front-end developer to create the responsive framework for their new website. View project


January 2013

is a New York City-based architecture, graphic design, and packaging design firm. I developed their responsive, SEO and Google-optimized WordPress theme. View project

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