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is my portfolio. I'm Jesse Rosenfield, an NYC-based freelance WordPress developer, web designer, and videographer with 15 years experience. I make websites to make small businesses more money. Hire Me


June 2023

is a SAAS company in the talent-sourcing industry. I was the lead/sole developer for their animated custom WordPress theme. Designed by Philadelphia-based agency Griflan.com View project


January 2023

is a Toronto, ontario based market-research app. I was the lead developer for this custom WordPress theme which features animated SVGs using the gsap.js javascript library. View project


January 2022

is a Tampa, Florida based grocery store logistics and e-commerce platform. In partnership with Philadelphia-based design agency Griflan, I built them a custom WordPress theme. View project

Metropolis Moving

September 2021

is a Brooklyn-based moving business. They hired me for the complete branding, web design, SEO, and WordPress + web development for their new business. View project

Research Practice Partnerships

December 2021

is a W.T. Grant foundation micro-site. I built a WordPress theme that features animated illustrations and a custom built archive to filter through dozens of resources. View project

Revona Properties

January 2021

is a property management company. I built them a WordPress theme to help them manage their nearly 30 apartment complexes throughout Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Manhattan. View project

Nonprofit Finance Fund

March 2020

is an NYC based nonprofit 501(c)(3) and a Community Development Financial Institution. I was the lead front-end developer for their 2017 redesign. View project

Worn & Wound

April 2019

is based in nyc, and is one of the internet’s leading watch blogs. They hired me to re-design their existing site and build a new SEO-optimized responsive WordPress theme. View project

William T. Grant Foundation

February 2016

is an NYC-based social science research foundation. They hired me to convert their website into a scalable, responsive SEO-optimized WordPress theme. View project


May 2016

is a Boston-based company founded by former Ivy League admissions officers. They hired me to design and develop a fully Responsive SEO-optimized WordPress theme. View project

Scope Architecture

February 2017

is located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This responsive WordPress theme was designed by New York designer Phil DiBello, and developed as part of a comprehensive rebranding project. View project


January 2016

is a New York City based data analysis company. They hired me to utilize their current branding style guide to design & develop a new responsive WordPress theme. View project

Physique 57

December 2015

is a New York based fitness company. I built a custom responsive WooCommerce theme to serve as the platform for their line of apparel, DVDs, and online workouts. View project


January 2015

is an NYC-based home and bath goods company. They hired me as the lead front-end developer to create the responsive framework for their new website. View project


January 2015

is a social sports experience that makes finding local sporting events easy. They hired me to re-brand their logo, website, and mobile app. View project


January 2013

is a New York City-based architecture, graphic design, and packaging design firm. I developed their responsive, SEO and Google-optimized WordPress theme. View project

Production Locations

May 2012

is a Los Angeles based real estate firm. I designed and developed their responsive website to house over 400 properties and 10,000 photos. View project

Backstage At

November 2011

is the blog of Kevin Tachman, an award winning photographer based in New York. He needed to easily manage 1000s of his photos with a clean, minimalist design. View project

Wax Implosion

April 2010

is the homepage of Jack Dutone, a Brooklyn based DJ. Jack hired me to design a soulful web presence that screams “Hipshakin’, Funky, and Frantic”. View project

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