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Over my nearly 8 years freelancing full-time as a web designer and WordPress developer, I’ve built dozens and dozens of fully responsive WordPress-based, SEO and google-optimized websites for New York and Boston clients.

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I’m currently available for remote web design, development, and Search Engine Optimization Consulting (SEO) freelance projects. To request a quote, please include the following information about your website:

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  3. A List of each unique page template design you’ll need. (“Unique” refers to the fact that you can re-use one template for an infinite number of pages, even though the content will be different across those pages. For example: a single blog post template).
  4. Content requirements and any special functionality on each page (just a few examples only: e-commerce, slide show, parallax, contact form, MailChimp integration, Sales Force integration, etc.).
  5. Will it need to be responsive? In other words, will the layout adapt to mobile devices like tablets and smart phones?
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About Me

First off, thanks for taking the time to visit my web design portfolio, and for getting to know me and my work. I’m a freelancer that likes to work from anywhere, anytime. I love the independence that this crazy conglomeration of wires and waves and signals provides me, and I’m constantly seeking opportunities to grow, and to further my ability to stay independent, small, and focused. This ultimately enables me to provide my clients with superior service that empowers their businesses to grow, live long, and prosper.

My most recent work deals almost exclusively with Front-end and WordPress development, transforming my own designs or those of other designers into customized WordPress themes. I magnify to the pixel, test in 5 browsers, and use the website exhaustively as if I was the end-user himself. I believe it’s this ad-nauseum attention to detail that keeps me so busy, and will allow me to advance in sync with our rapidly changing online environment.

I’m currently based in Long Island, NY.

Let’s Work Together

Whether you’re a freelancer looking for someone to bring your designs to life, a small business in search of the perfect developer to build your online presence, or an agency looking to add someone to their team, I’m interested. So let’s create something beautiful together!

Unfortunately, I’m not available for minor updates or maintenance on previously developed sites, and have a minimum of 10 hours for new projects.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Video
  • Drums, audio recording/engineering, and West African funk
  • WordPress advanced theme development and PHP programming
  • WordPress events & calendar theme development with The Events Calendar plugin
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram API integration
  • E-commerce theme development with Shopify
  • jQuery & javascript programming, and interaction design
  • CSS3 stylesheet authoring
  • Grid-based & typographic layouts, mobile web design, fluid layouts, and responsive design
  • Creative direction, project planning
  • Design, development, and usability consulting
  • Server and load time optimization
  • Search engine optimization
  • Branding, logos, and online marketing
  • Git and version control
  • Hablo español / castellano fluidamente

Other Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing Management, University of Vermont, 2008
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Jazz Performance, University of Vermont, 2008

About this website

I’m glad you’ve made it this far down the page. Welcome to below the fold.

Handiwork is a no frills, bells, or whistles approach to present my favorite web design projects, which in most cases, have many frills, bells, and whistles. I chose the name because I work from scratch, hand-coding every keystroke with focus, care, and intention.

With this portfolio site I wanted to showcase my ability to design and develop a simple but elegant site, with a super lightweight infrastructure that loads smoothly and quickly. It’s built on WordPress, the same CMS that I use for all of my clients. When a theme is coded right, and the content relevant, WordPress provides some serious SEO advantages. The fact that you’re reading this is a testament to that.

Some Technical Stuff

All design elements and icons on the site are either code, SVG, or font based, so the entire site will scale. It’s subtle, but you’ll notice, if you’re on a modern browser, that while the site never reloads, the URL in the address bar changes. This happens with the help of the HTML5 history API, history.js, and the ajaxify.js script by Benjamin Balupton.

Oh, and try resizing your browser window, the site uses a fluid/responsive layout. And, if you’re down with typography minutia, I coded this site in EMs, meaning that the heights, widths, and margins are all proportional to the font size. The result is a consistent, aesthetically pleasant vertical rhythm, which is maintained across the various responsive “break points”. If you don’t believe me, just press and hold G on your keyboard, or G + H to keep it on (G will remove it again). Credit for that trick goes to #grid.

I hope you’ve enjoyed browsing my work and that we can work together in the future and produce something beautiful. Thank you for your interest!

Handiwork original design and development by Jesse Rosenfield © 2016

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