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For this freelance project I was responsible for the full branding, logo, web design, SEO, brand video, and responsive WordPress theme development for Metropolis Moving, a Brooklyn, New York City-based moving company. The client wanted an Art Deco-inspired design. The site features an HTML5 based moving quote calculator, which allows users to:

  • Select multiple pickups and dropoffs from a list of neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.
  • Create a moving list of items at each pickup, and order the list by dragging and dropping the items.
  • Receive a quote calculated based on the number of stops, the flights of stairs at each stop, and the number and type of items they’ll be moving.

Metropolis was featured in the May 2021 article “15 Examples of Web Form Design Done Right” on

Metropolis moving’s Yelp reviews are for the moving company, but they might as well be for the website, too!

A candid, unsolicited testimonial from the client:

“First let me say it’s been a pleasure working with you, and as I’ve said before it’s actually been quite refreshing. The level of professionalism and care for the project really has gone above and beyond what I expected. I’d recommend your service to anyone, I’ll surely have some more projects in the future, and I can’t see myself going to anyone else but you.

I’m psyched about the website, I think you’ve done an outstanding job. I just got a comment from an SBA mentor yesterday about the site, he said “I don’t usually say this because it takes a lot to impress me, but I’m really impressed.” He gave me his confidence in my ability to be successful with this business based almost entirely on the website. He seemed to take me a bit more seriously after looking at it. I think that really says a lot about what we’ve created here.

… The company is up and running! There have been nothing but very positive comments on the website by the way. Nearly every customer has had something good to say about it.”

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